Fuel Cards

“Highest international requirements for cashless fuel up.”

The Diesel 24 Card is a fuel card for business customers. Diesel 24 Card is linked to one of Europe's most advanced server systems and is constantly updated in accordance with the latest ISO standards. Therefore, it meets the highest international requirements - in all respects.

State of the Art Technology

Diesel 24 provides self-service, computer-monitored filling system with video surveillance for your trucks. Our fueling stations are equipped with state of the art unmanned fuel dispensers and latest-generation, high-performance fuel pumps. Refueling is easy when using your Diesel 24 Card - an international ISO-coded fleet card.

To stay permanently connected with our partners and their stations we use an IFSF based H2H online system, which suits/matches to the current international standard.


We use the highest possible security standards in order to prevent fraud. Transaction validity checks as well as daily limit checks several times a day are a must. All transactions are uploaded several times per day from our partner network.

  • PIN Code

    The Diesel 24 Card is secured by PIN code. The PIN code is transferred in encrypted form when making a payment request. We can also provide our customers with their own custom PIN code.

  • Card Blocking

    You can block your Diesel 24 Card free of charge at any time (24/7) in case of loss or theft. That way, you are protected against any card abuse or security issue.

  • Card Limits

    Set a limit of your daily maximum amount used for each card and each country of acceptance.

  • Ongoing Transaction Checking

    You can check the transactions of your cards for yourself - anytime. This feature is available for most stations in our system. For other stations the transactions are displayed with a delay.

  • Transaction-Email

    At the end of each day an email with transactions summary can be sent for best control of card usage.

  • Fraud Detection

    All transactions are checked for suspicious behavior and you receive a warning email if something seems wrong.


The Diesel 24 Card is highly flexible. We are capable of coordinating the most complex systems. The Diesel 24 Card adapts to wide range of companies’ needs in terms of their refuelling volume. Refueling costs are charged to the Diesel 24 Card with no cash payment involved. You receive a collective invoice with all refuelling charges list at the end of the agreed invoicing period.

Simplified Invoicing

Payment is easy when using Diesel 24 cards. Your drivers can simply use their Diesel 24 cards for every fuelling. You receive a clear collective invoice at the end of the agreed invoicing period. At any time you can get a detailed list of your transactions. At the end of each invoicing period collective invoices are generated - including all transactions performed with Diesel 24 Cards.

Breakdown Service

By becoming Diesel 24 customer you are automatically covered by our breakdown mobility service. This way, all of your trucks are completely secure and safe in case of any breakdown - 24/7.

We are working in close cooperation with Service 24 which has been a brand-independent, pan-European emergency service provider for the commercial vehicle and transportation industries since 1981.

Breakdown service handling procedure

When a breakdown occurs, the call can be made by the transport company, fleet manager or driver. The call will be answered by a friendly and professional operator at international emergency call center. After some basic data collection like name and phone number of the caller, registration number of the truck and trailer (plate number) as well as authorization check based on whitelist or fuel card data - the caller gets an update on the current situation status by phone or text message in about 20 minutes after the call was made (when breakdown classification is made).

Within the next hour, the state of the order is checked (i.e. mechanic on spot). If the mechanic is not on the spot, information is given to the driver or the fleet management when the mechanic will be on spot. The situation will be followed up until a completion report is received.

Countries covered by breakdown services

Austria, Belarus, Benelux countries, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia/Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine

Self-Management 24/7

We have a wide range of services available to you online at our customer portal 24/7.


Check your transactions

All of the transactions that have been made with your cards can be checked at any time.


Ordering Cards

You can order replacement or extra cards online.


Blocking the Card

You have the option to block or open your Diesel 24 cards at any time online, for your security. You can even block your cards for certain countries and open them for others.


Limit Tool

Set your own 24 hour limits for your fuel cards individually for each country you do business in.


Invoice Data

Find all your invoices and download them as PDFs.


Long-time reporting

Check transactions and transaction-statistics back for a whole year.


Price Information

Find out your individual daily fuel prices.


Diesel 24 operates its own diesel fueling stations in Austria and Slovenia and provides a widespread network of partner fueling stations - most of them with 24/7 fueling service in several countries throughout Europe and Asia. We are also working on expanding our network of petrol stations so that we are always able to offer the best range of services at the best prices.

Diesel 24 guarantees to supply you with the best quality diesel at the best possible, strategically positioned sites right on the most important main traffic routes. Co-operations with various partners exist in more than 30 countries.


Stations that support diesel24 fuel card

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