Toll service

“Diesel 24 makes use of various HGV tolls easy”

Diesel 24 supports you in every respect regarding the use of the various HGV tolls in Europe. Efforts are being made by state toll operators to create a unified tolling system for the whole of Europe at a point in the future, the individual country tolls still function very differently.

We Work for You

  • Leave The Formalities to Us

    Registrations, fleet and emission classes management, complaints regarding penalties – we are handling all your formalities and issues carefully, allowing you to concentrate on your daily business activities.

  • Registration Support

    Diesel 24 will assist you regarding the proper registration of your company and your vehicles, and the completion and compilation of all necessary forms, documents and vehicle documents.

  • No More Bureaucracy

    We know the right contact partners in every country and therefore know how to respond in a quick and direct manner, including particular cases of serious problems, e.g. if your vehicles are prohibited from further progress by toll enforcement officers.

With Diesel 24 as a toll partner, you can save money – all thanks to very low fees, a maximum amount of saved time and fast problem solutions.

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Feel free to get in touch with us at any time. Our staff will answer all your questions and solve your issues immediately. Diesel 24 employees cover more than 12 different languages.

SERVICE LINE outside opening hours: +381 69 372 20 77